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“An atheist believes that evolution is the result of chance. Theistic evolutionists believe God, having created the universe, let purposeless chance evolve life. A creationist, dismissing this hybrid view as absurd, contends that an intelligent creator creates complex machinery, such as a living body, deliberately.
In fact, by rigorous standards all three theories are metaphysical. This is because a theory of non-deliberate design (evolution) requires proof that no designer ever existed; a theory of deliberate design (creation) requires proof that a designer did exist. Theistic evolution, less logically, requires both proofs! But because the intelligence of a designer can be materially neither in a Boeing 707 nor a bacterium, it is a matter of inference. Neither of the above proofs is scientifically possible because the field of science is limited to the material realm. And therefore each theory of origin is metaphysical.”
― Michael Pitman, ‘Adam and Evolution’ (1984)

In theory, every rainbow is a circle, but from the ground, only its upper half can be seen.

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Rainbows are not a physical object. When you move forward towards one, it will move back the same distance. This can be seen from a plane: